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What could be more pleasurable than some delectable and tasteful Mediterranean cuisine in a lively, upbeat ambience? Nothing, right? We’re bringing to you the most tasteful Mediterranean cuisine combined with Californian flavors in a modern eatery, “Forte Mediterranean Bistro” to satiate your taste buds and balance the health quotient.

Having a healthy yet tempting foods, fresh beverages and savory desserts is one way of celebrating life and nature. Taking the notion of “health requires healthy food a step ahead, we have carefully designed our menu to provide you with some flavorful delicacies that are not only mouth-watering but healthy for your body.

Forte Mediterranean Bistro comprises of some appetizing handmade salads and flavorful choices of entrees and some indulging yet healthy desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth. We also have some lip-smacking meals for kids to enjoy with their families and friends. On top of that, all the items on our menu are affordably priced so that you can enjoy our sumptuous meals in a relaxing and comforting environment.

Our Mediterranean cuisine is inspired by Californian flavors that are prepared using the finest ingredients from local farms, and emphasize on fusion and fresh products. By Californian influence, we aim to provide you with delicious treats that are cooked in olive oil, and have a high proportion of vegetables, fruits, seafood and lean meat.

Moreover, we also provide catering services to our clientele to add value, substance and flavor to all their events and special occasions. Our customized menu for catering services includes some of our favorite dishes, so the next time you plan for an extravagant event, make sure you consider Forte Mediterranean Bistro for the finest catering services.

After all,

You Don’t Have To Eat Less; You Just Have To Eat Right!